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When visiting Disneyland, be sure to see the Billy Hill and the Hillbillies show at the Big Thunder Barbeque in Frontierland. Great music, lots of laughs, and more audience interaction than at the Horseshoe. We've met fun fellow fans at Disneyland and online here. Visit a few pages, then head over to the DBC Message Board to share the latest Hillbilly news.

Big news: Fiddle Billy, the fastest fiddler in the whole... uh, Frontierland area, broke his speed fiddlin' record at their final show in the Golden Horseshoe. He got that Orange Blossom Special moving at a whopping 40 MPH. Hope you saved your copy of TIME to Fiddle Magazine to get Billy's autograph.

Billy made the cover

Introducing Billy Hill!

When Mandolin Billy plays the Billy Tell Overture, the audiences' mouths drop open in a collective "Wow!" He plays so many parts at once it seems more like two or three musicians performing. And he keeps us all laughing as we listen.

Billy Hill
And his brother, Billy Hill!

Bass Billy doesn't care that Mama don't allow no bass slappin round here. Billy has also been known to play the juice harp and fiddle around, and he's dang good at it.

Billy Hill
Billy and Billy
And his brother, Billy Hill!

Billy picking up the surf beat, and getting into his speed fiddlin' stance for the Orange Blossom Special. The anticipation builds. Will he beat his record speed?

The Orange Blossom Special playing is a midi, not Billy. It's not even close to his quality. And, it doesn't have the "woo woo's".

Billy Hill
Billy Hill
And his brother, "William" Hill!

Dancer, Elvis impersonator, and general cut up extrodinaire. You can visit this Billy's own website as of June, 1999.

Billy Hill
Hillbillies in Paris
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The Hillbillies Play Paris!

Billy gave us this picture of them in Paris. We asked, and he thought the Eifle Tower was just behind them and over to the left a bit. Didn't know they were such world travelers.

What's that? Oh, I see. Billy's brother Billy just informed me that this photo was taken at the music festival at Perris Lake, California. Well, that's still a mighty far walk from Disneyland!

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Good news: Billy Hill & the Hillbillies' CD is available in Frontierland at the Bonanza Outfitters store. Great music! At the same store, Mandolin Billy fans will also want his "Evan Marshall is the Lone Arranger" CD. It's not really hillbilly music, which probably accounts for Billy's "Evan Marshall" pseudonym ;-) Music Boulevard has sound samples from it and another of Billy's mandolin solo CDs. More great news: Rumor has it the Hillbillies are working on their next CD!

Updated December 5, 1999

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